Technology Transfer

  • Do publish research results in a timely manner (e.g., early and often) through one of the means that qualifies as "publicly available" or "in the public domain." Publicly available technology and software is that which is:
    • Already published or will be published in journals, books, open websites, or other media available to a community of persons interested in the subject
    • Published through release at open conferences and meetings
    • Arises during or results from fundamental research where the resulting information is ordinarily published and shared broadly within the scientific community and where no contractual controls have been accepted
    • Educational information released by instruction in catalog courses and associated teaching laboratories of the university
    • Included in certain patent applications.
  • Do identify projects with "deliverables" to foreign countries to your Contract and Grant Officer and Export Control at the proposal and/or award stage.
  • Do not accept publication controls/restrictions, such as prior sponsoring agency approval of manuscripts or access/dissemination restrictions, such as approval requirements for access to or use by foreign nationals.
  • Do not provide citizenship, nationality, or visa status information for project staff to sponsors or other third parties or include such information in proposals.
  • Do not agree to background checks or other arrangements where the sponsoring agency screens, clears, or otherwise approves project staff. University policy allows for background screening conducted by the University when appropriate to the position.
  • When invited and permitted to attend conferences/meetings that are held in the United States or hosted by the federal government, where foreign nationals are prohibited from attending, do attend in the capacity as a University employee. However, do not accept and do not bring to UCI, any material which is labeled as export controlled.
  • Do not accept information that is marked both "confidential" and "subject to U.S. Export Control laws."
  • Do not disclose any controlled scientific and technical information related to export controlled items that you receive at the meeting through verbal, written, electronic, or visual disclosure, or share with foreign nationals any controlled scientific and technical information related to export controlled items.
  • When signing the federal Department of Defense form DD2345 (entitled, "Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement") as a condition of attending a conference/meeting or receiving materials from the federal government or other sources, do so as an individual, not in your capacity as a university employee.
  • Do not enter into secrecy agreements or otherwise agree to withhold results in research projects conducted at the University or that involve University facilities, students, or staff.
  • Do not enter into any Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements that contain language that has either UC and/or any of its employees assuming the burden of restricting dissemination based on citizenship status or securing licenses.

Fast Facts

Useful Numbers

  • UCI DUNS #:04-670-5849
  • UCI EIN #: 95-2226406
  • NIH Profile: 577504
  • NSF Code:0013144000
  • NAICS Code: 611310
  • IRB FWA: 00004071
  • AWA: A3416-01
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