DEA Registrations

The intent of DEA registration numbers is to identify and validate individuals and institutions that have been authorized by the DEA to purchase, possess, distribute or prescribe controlled substances. Controlled substances and precursor chemicals intended for research and instructional purposes and acquired though drug companies or any other outside institutions must be obtained under an applicable university DEA registration. If an operation remote from the campus requires controlled substances, a separate registration is necessary for each type of activity involved.

Individual Research Registration (Schedule I)

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) does not maintain an institutional research registration. Those individuals who wish to use a Schedule I controlled substance in their research must register independently with the DEA. The individual registration can be processed by submitting Form 225 to the DEA. For more information, please visit the DEA website  

In addition Principal Investigators (PI’s) who wish to use a Schedule I controlled substance must have their project reviewed by the state Attorney General’s office. Review may take several weeks to months.

Institutional Research Registration (Schedules II-V)

EH&S maintains the required institutional departmental research registrations issued by the DEA covering use of Scheduled II-V controlled substances and precursor chemicals for research, instructional and chemical analysis purposes.
Researchers who wish to use a Schedule II controlled substance in a human subject’s protocol must have their project reviewed by the State Attorney General’s office. This review may take several weeks to months. A current letter of approval from the state Attorney General’s office must be provided to EH&S prior to obtaining the drugs. 

Please visit the EH&S website for more information on controlled substances at: 

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