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Outside financial interests are not necessarily conflicts of interests in research.  The University recognizes that outside financial interests can facilitate opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and support.   Federal, state, and university regulations and policies requiring financial disclosure and review were implemented to address those instances when the outside financial interests may bias or appear to bias the research.  In addition to promoting transparency and accountability, financial disclosures also protect the researcher’s interests by (1) meeting the requirements set by sponsors and the University; (2) having the COIOC, an objective third party, review the financial interests and the research; and (3) demonstrating a commitment to scientific integrity.

The Conflict of Interest in Research Team provides support for UCI researchers and the Conflict of Interest Oversight Committee (COIOC) to facilitate and promote compliance with University, state, and federal policies and regulations regarding financial interests related to the objective conduct of research, including Public Health Service (PHS) and National Science Foundation (NSF).


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