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Export Controls

As part of a leading research institution, UCI researchers create and have access to sensitive technologies controlled by U.S. export laws for reasons of national security, economic, and foreign policy. While UCI promotes academic freedom and sharing of information to the greatest extent possible, researchers and administrators must also comply with the export laws. The primary goal of the Export Control Officer (ECO) is to protect our researchers and support research advancement by providing the following services.

Export Control Services

  • Consult and provide customized guidance for all matters concerning export compliance including international shipments and travel.
  • Assist with proposal development and negotiation with sponsors to provide “carve outs” for fundamental research.
  • Classify technology, including UCI built, for export control restrictions.
  • Perform Restricted Party Screenings for visiting researchers, subcontractors, and other parties.
  • Provide resources and training to campus regarding export control compliance.
  • Develop Technology Control Plans (TCPs) for researchers needing access to export controlled information, material or data.
  • Apply for export licenses when required to support research activities.

Best Times to Include Export Control:

  • When you:
    • Have developed a technology that may fall on the U.S. munitions list.
    • Need to internationally ship or hand-carry items, equipment or research samples.
    • Plan to transact with colleagues in Cuba, Iran, N. Korea, Syria, or Sudan.
    • Plan to work with a foreign military in any way. 
    • Purchase or receive hardware that the vendor or sponsor has designated “ITAR”, “U.S. Only”, “No Export”.
  • When your industry partner:
    • Would like to partner with UCI on a project that is proprietary or export controlled.
    • Would like to provide UCI with export-controlled technology, hardware or software.
    • Has requested that only U.S. persons work on a project, or has requested the citizenship status of our research team.
    • Has marked the following on paperwork “ITAR”, “U.S. Only”, “No Export”. 

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Amy Green
Research Compliance & Policy Administrator

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