Data Requests


Grad Division: Predoc data

See this link for more info on the data request process.

You must also be aware that these data requests are integral to obtain early because when faculty write up their research strategies, NIH wants them to reference specific data tables and integrate the data.

Office of Institutional Research: Postdoc data

If you need information regarding current Post Doc or other employees (e.g., numbers, demographics, time as post doc) please contact the Office of Institutional Research (  At minimum, please include with your request the following and please be specific: The purpose of the request; the population of the request (e.g., post-docs, faculty, etc.), department(s) if applicable, dates or time window needed, by when you need the data, the format needed for the finished product, and anything else that you think would help us complete your request.  Also please understand that requests take time so the earlier the request is submitted, the more likely we are to be able to complete it within your given timeframe.

TG Liaisons

Please refer to these individuals if you are within their school to receive guidance and assistance during this process. 

Individual Departments

You will reach out to the home departments of each faculty member. Make them aware that the faculty member will be listed on a training grant submission. It may be helpful to reach out to other administrators who have completed training grants to obtain a list of departmental administrative contacts who are familiar with providing information for these data tables.

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