Extramural Trainee Reporting and Career Tracking (xTRACT) is a module in eRA Commons used by applicants, grantees, and assistants to create research training tables for inclusion in progress reports and institutional training grant applications. Because xTRACT is integrated with Commons it is able to pre-populate some training data for training tables and reports by using xTrain appointment and related data. This includes trainee names, selected characteristics, institutions, grant numbers, and subsequent NIH and other HHS awards.

xTRACT also allows the manual entry of data, for information not found in Commons or xTrain. This manually entered information is stored in xTRACT and can be re-used when preparing subsequent training table submissions. If you are a Signing Official (SO), Administrative Official (AO), Business Official (BO), Principal Investigator (PI), or assistant (ASST) in Commons, you have access to the xTRACT module. Tables created here must be attached to and submitted with the appropriate progress reports or application.

Requirement for RPPR's

Beginning with RPPRs due on or after October 1, 2019 (FY 2020), recipients must create the required training data tables for submission with NIH and AHRQ T15, T32, T90/R90, and TL1 progress reports via the xTRACT system.

The use of xTRACT to prepare the data tables for new and renewal applications for the specified types of training grants (i.e., T15, T32, T90/R90, and TL1) will not be mandatory in FY 2020 but may be required in future years. Applicants for new or renewal training grant awards are encouraged to take steps now to gain experience with the system prior to its required use. 


  • helps with trainee tracking, especially when there is admin turnover
  • recommended to use at the start of a new training grant
  • NIH RePORTER data is automatically pulled
  • table 7 completes itself
  • calculations for tables 4 & 6 are done automatically
  • ultimately makes renewals/resubmissions much easier


  • requires a lot of initial time investment (data entry) 
  • tables created here are not automaticallly sent within eRA Commons; you will need to print, attach, and submit with the RPPR/applicaion


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