xTrain is an eRA Commons module that allows program directors/principal investigators, university administrators, and trainees electronically prepare and submit PHS 2271 Statement of Appointment Forms and PHS 416-7 Termination Notices associated with institutional research training grants, institutional career development awards, individual fellowships, and research education awards. Agency staff also use xTrain to review and process the appointments and termination notices that are submitted electronically.

Although xTrain does not support the electronic submission of the PHS 6031 Payback Agreement, it makes it available for downloading/printing, with instructions for signing and submitting the agreement through postal mail. xTrain populates the basic information before printing.

-Overview of xTrain


Before initiating the 2271 Appointment Form, you will need

  • eRA Commons username; invite the trainee to register one if they don't currently have a profile
  • permanent email address
  • field of research code
  • appointment start and end dates
  • budget period of appointment
  • stipend level and amount

If there is a break of at least one period, it must be a reappointmentIf reappointing, old stipend amount shows until appointment form is saved. Then current stipend amount needs to be entered


Once an appointment is accepted by NIH, an amendment is required in order to change any of the following items:

  • name
  • permanent mailing address
  • appointment period
  • support from the grant

Amendments have the same process as appointments and are not allowed once a termination is accepted by the agency.


Terminations should be processed within 30 days of the period of support end date

If there is an early termination (trainee leaves the institution), make sure the trainee completes the termination notice in xTrain prior to leaving.


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