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Quick Facts

  • At UCI, training grants receive a new fund number every year.
  • Using UCI’s Kuali Financial System (KFS), at least two expense accounts are established for each training grant:
    • Accounts starting with 44 are used for trainee travel and training related expenses
    • Accounts starting with 78 are used for pre-doc stipends, and tuition and fees
  • Four accounts should be linked to the fund if the prior year has an unliquidated balance. If there is no unliquidated balance from prior year, two accounts are sufficient. 
  • Per the Notice of Award (NOA), “Carryover of an unobligated balance into the next budget period requires Grants Management Officer prior approval.”
  • An Annual Federal Financial Report (FFR) is required for all training grants.
  • No-cost time extensions are granted to allow continuation of trainees currently appointed. A new trainee may not be appointed during this period.
  • The F&A rate for NIH Training Grants is 8% of Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC), and at UCI the base code “E” is assigned to the expense account. Student tuitions and fees are excluded from MTDC.  More information on UCI’s indirect costs can be obtained from here.  
  • Make sure to include the entire tuition amount on your applications, not the percentage to be paid by the sponsor in order to avoid a double-reduction in award amount.

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