Standard Reports Required for Closeout


When a sponsored project ends, certain administrative actions are required to ensure an orderly closing of the award. Specific report and deliverable requirements are typically stated in the sponsor's award documents or in a policy brochure or manual. The award documents and Award Synopsis will identify the specific reporting requirements and should be reviewed by the Principal Investigator and Administering Unit at the time the award is funded by the sponsor. 

Final Technical Report

Most awards require submission of a final report of work accomplished during the period of performance. Such reports range from a brief summary and list of publications to a complete, exhaustive compilation of the project and its results.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for the submission of all technical reports required under the terms of an award, as well as other agreed upon deliverables such as graphs or software. The Principal Investigator should clearly mark and identify "as proprietary" any information in a report or any deliverable submitted to a sponsor that should be treated as confidential or proprietary.

Sponsored Projects does not require a copy of the final technical report but does require a copy of the transmittal letter or dated face page of the report to document its submission.

Failure on the part of the Principal Investigator to deliver any required technical reports or deliverables to the sponsor in a timely matter may affect the collection of funds for the project and future funding from that sponsor to the University.

Final Report of Patent and Inventions

Most sponsors require reports about patents and inventions made during the conduct of a sponsored project. Usually such declarations are made via a preprinted form, annually and/or at the end of the project period, and are required, even if the report is negative. A final report of patents and inventions requires the signatures of both the Principal Investigator and the Contracts or Grants Officer assigned to the Administering Unit.

If a patentable idea, invention or discovery is made because of a sponsored project, the disclosure of such must be made through the Research Translation Group (RTG) in Applied Innovation within a specified time or the University may lose its rights to the invention. The Principal Investigator should contact the Licensing Officer as soon as it is practical to discuss the disclosure, to avoid premature public disclosure, and if appropriate, to start the patent process.

Final Inventory of Equipment

The sponsor's policies on title to equipment and the submission of final equipment reports must be followed when closing out an award. Many sponsors request an equipment inventory report whether or not the University retains title to such property.

Equipment Management is responsible for completing and submitting the final inventory of equipment report. The Principal Investigator should assist with answering any questions or addressing any issues that arise regarding equipment or property.

*Please contact Helen Chang for questions regarding inventory of equipment at

Final Financial Status Report

The expiration of an award usually requires the submission of a final financial status report. Contracts and Grants Accounting is responsible for submitting any financial reports required to closeout the award.

It is advisable that the Principal Investigator monitors project obligations closely, by careful review of the departmental ledgers throughout the project period, to make sure all expenditures are accurately recorded. In accordance with OMB Circular A-21, a certification that all charges are for appropriate purposes and in accordance with the application and award documents must be included in each financial report.

Final Cost Sharing Contribution Report, if appropriate

The Principal Investigator of a project must certify all cost sharing contributions related to a project by reviewing and signing the Cost Sharing Contribution Report, which is generated through the UCI Cost Sharing Tracking System. When the Principal Investigator certifies the report, he/she is assuring UCI and the sponsor that:

  •  the costs recorded on the report are true and accurate;
  •  the costs were contributed to the identified project during the reporting period; and
  •  the costs have not been, and will not be, used as cost sharing contributions on any other projects or for any other periods relating to the identified project.

Final Financial Disclosure, if appropriate

For awards with non-governmental entities, Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators are required by state law to file disclosures of personal financial or management interests upon completion of extramurally funded research projects.

Final disclosure of financial or management interests is only required when the research is supported by a non-governmental sponsor that is not exempt from the law. For a listing of sponsor's that are exempt, please see the Exempt Sponsor List.

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