Subaward Initiation and Setup

Subaward Request Form (SRF) for New Subaward

Once a fully executed prime award is received by SPA and an award synopsis issued, a Subaward Request Form (SRF) for New Subaward should be completed by the department and emailed to SPA.  Based on the information on the SRF, SPA will draft a subaward for the subrecipient. 

If a subrecipient was not identified as a part of the prime award proposal, the award terms may require SPA to seek prior approval from the sponsor before the subaward can be issued.  SPA will work with the UCI PI and his/her department administrator to request prior approval or notification of a subrecipient addition.  Upon approval from the prime sponsor to add the subrecipient to the project, the SRF and all subaward documentation (required during the proposal stage) should be submitted directly to SPA. 

Compliance Checks & Subaward Agreement

Upon receipt of the SRF, SPA will conduct various compliance checks on the subrecipient including:
  • Financial audit check based on OMB Uniform Guidance (2 CRF 200, Subpart F) or mini audit form, if the subrecipient is not subject to the Single Audit Act
  • Compliance requirement checks (Export Control, Conflict of Interest, registration, etc.)
  • Compliance check for debarred/suspended entities and individuals
  • Complete risk assessment of subrecipient to determine risk level
SPA will draft the subaward agreement determining the most appropriate type of agreement mechanism, flowing down all applicable prime award terms.  Negotiation of the subaward terms may be necessary and may require UCI PI involvement.  Upon final agreement between UCI and the subrecipient, SPA will obtain a partially executed agreement from the subrecipient. Before the subaward can be signed by UCI, a requisition (REQ) must be initiated in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) by the department financial administrator and a purchase order (PO) finalized. For assistance creating REQs, please contact

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